3DN Three Dimensional Networking


The first dimension is what everyone does - seeking out those connections that are necessary to our wellbeing.

When we become involved with a group of people, we can look to network also in a second dimension - seeking out those connections that benefit the group and therefore benefit us indirectly.

If we step out of our role as a member of the group and look at how the group fits into the flow of value through the larger system, we can think in terms of sets of connections that feed back into themselves in the third dimension - seeking out those connections that benefit the "whole", and thereby indirectly benefiting our group, and indirectly benefiting us.

It is these connections that form the structure that directs the flows though the system. To understand how the mechanics of system function affect you, see The Game of Life and Organizing to Heal Nature and Produce Abundance

In more detail

In the first dimension, we are separate and vulnerable and must be constantly vigilant to attacks on our bridges.

In the second dimension, if we are a member of a group, and our group is powerful, then we may feel less vulnerable but our group maintains constant vigilance against attacks on the group's bridges. Here is where we find conflict in the system. Our group protects what "we' have against those who would take that away form us - or, if we feel ourselves oppressed, seeks to take the value flowing over the "others" bridges for our own use.

In three dimensions, we can clearly see that every choice is either a cooperation to increase the value flowing through the system to the benefit of us all, or a dissipation of value from the system through conflict, to the detriment of us all. In this sense there are no win-lose situations - only win-win and lose-lose.

In every community there is unused human potential and unused biological potential. In two dimensions we call those poverty and environmental degradation and treat them as a problem instead of as a resource. In three dimensions we can clearly see the benefit to ourselves as individuals and to our groups to help realize that unused potential and increase the amount of value flowing through the system (See: How Humans Came to Live in Peace and Plenty).

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