3DN essential unity

In this view, we focus on how one thing is connected to another thing and how all things are systems. There are energetic systems, gravitational systems, living systems and conscious systems - with each type of system being emergent from the pre-existing system.

Nothing exists except for its connections within the "system" and ultimately, there is only one "whole system". In a living system, if a species loses its connections/relationships/bridges to the flow of nutrients through the system it becomes extinct. New connections/relationships/bridges within the system create new niches for which new species can evolve. In this way every ecosystem is in either an upward spiral, stable or a downward spiral. We say that a species must "fit" within the ecosystem in order to survive.

Conscious systems emerge from living systems (and we should also remember that humans must also "fit" within the ecosystem). The subsystem currently coming to primacy within our conscious system is called the "market". The market is a great system for what it does - but it has limitations in the number and type of connections/relationships/bridges that it allows.

There is not a corporate conspiracy to oppress the poor and destroy nature. Rather, in the market, that which cannot be exploited for a profit and those who do not have "marketable skills" simply have no use. Those things are in danger of losing (or have lost) their connections/relationships/bridges to "the system".

That is why I am excited about the possibilities for Network Weavers. The set of potential connections/relationships/bridges that could be made approaches infinity. Creating new connections/relationships/bridges makes "the system" more complex, making possible even more connections/relationships/bridges.

We need not think in terms of what is wrong with the existing system. We can think in terms of what additional connection/relationships/bridges are needed to create an increasingly inclusive economy and an increasingly healthy ecosystem.

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