square peg puppy tails

Square Peg Color Pup Tails

Hey there Pups! I'm super excited to share the news that Square Peg Puppy Tails are now in colours!

I am a huge fan of the Square Peg tails as they are made to a very high quality of silicone. This helps ensure that there are no nasty chemicals that may hurt the delicate lining of the ass yet they are very sturdy! Meaning there are unfortunate surprises with the tail breaking leaving the intertable bulb inside the body.

Nobody wants to have to go to the emergency room for a fishing trip!

I agree that the SquarePeg tails are a little more expensive but for that extra $20 you are getting excellent quality that you can be sure is safe, and a great quality tail that is going to be with you for a long time.

You can read more about the Coloured Square Peg Tails here at The Happy Pup.

Not sure about insertable human pup tails? Check out this awesome non inserted pup tail!

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