sleepsack bondage

SleepSack Bondage

For many people who are interested in bondage. sleepsack bondage can be a great way to enjoy the sensations of being bound without the fuss of ropes and hold points.

Similar to a body bag that is used to transport corpses, the sleepsack is a highly fitted garmet that can be either neck entry (normally the rubber type) or with a long zip at the front to allow entry into the gear.

Basic sleepsacks will often be just the outer shell. As you get to more advanced equipment you can have special arm holders that greatly restrict movment, bondage ties to tighten the sack and at the very top end you can have suspension points that allow you to be hung from the feet or shoulders.

Below is a vides showing a neoprene sleepsack that was purchased from Mr S Leather.

As you see in the video above the sleepsack can be used for a variety of different scenarios and is only limited by your imagination.

If you are looking to purchase a sleep sack I highly recommed you make sure you are dealing with a quality garment. Check that zippers are strong, and stitching is reinforced. Always have another person with you when playing to ensure you are able to get out of the gear quickly if there is an emergency.

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