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WEB DESIGN Design is such a personal thing and requirements change so much from business to business, it is great to know that with the experience of having designed over hundred sites in New York that we are certain to be able to produce the innovative designs to satisfy your needs.

WEB SITE NAVIGATION How easy it is for a visitor to navigate your site is extremely important. If they can't find what they're looking for quickly and easily they're going to visit another site.

WEB PAGE OPTIMIZATION Spend some time on the internet and you start to realize that there are many poorly designed web sites out there. It's easy to create a site with numerous graphics and animated logos. However, by doing so, you greatly add to the download time. Graphics and animated logos are important because they add character, personality and a theme to a web site. But they should be used sparingly. All graphics we add to a site are: Optimized to be the smallest byte size possible while still retaining their quality. Created using web safe colors.

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