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w logo aboutus200x200.jpg® Aviation T-Shirt Art! is an aviation themed, t-shirt design business, incredibly passionate about, and enamored with, aviation, airplanes, and flight. Knowing this, you'll understand the motivation.

Led by a motivated, passionate aviator, who enjoys, in addition to art, the limitless rewards of aviation and flight, has carefully assembled a dedicated staff, determined to operate within the guidelines of integrity, pride, and excellence.

Located on the east coast within the boundaries of New York City and under the airspace of the New York class Bravo, Windtee™ is minutes away from LGA (La Guardia), JFK (John F. Kennedy International, formally Idlewild), and EWR (Newark - Liberty International) airports. From this convenient location,® Aviation T-Shirt Art! designs, packages, and ships its quality printed aviation designs to the amazing pilots and aviation enthusiasts, like you, who live and fly within the United States, and of course... from around the world.

Additionally, Windtee™ was hired by Downwind magazine to design a customized graphic and print for their launch party which took flight aboard the USS Intrepid June 12, 2009. Currently, we're printing sample images for Isaac Morris Ltd., licensed graphics. Recently, a customized graphic for Aces High - Pilots Against Breast Cancer and LI2Day in Long Island, NY was created and approved for marketing in an effort to raise funds for research and promote awareness.

Although our designs are lighthearted and fun, expressing aviation in a carefree way,® Aviation T-Shirt Art! is serious, and committed to creating and delivering to you a quality product, we, as aviators, can wear with pride! We eagerly look forward to doing business with you and expect you'll enjoy and be satisfied with Windtee™ products.

The Artist.

bryan thunderbolt frg 150x178.jpg

A FAA Commercial Pilot, holding Instrument Airplane, Single-Engine and Multi-Engine Land class ratings, AOPA member, and life long artist, Bryan conceived the idea of integrating graphic-art with his love of flight on the universal canvas known to us all as... "The T-Shirt".

Since childhood, Windtee's artist designed and created images such as signs and lettering for business and for personal pleasure. Dating back to the 1970s, he vividly remembers drawing cartoon characters and company logos, with chalk, on city sidewalks for pedestrians to see.

At the same time as all this drawing was going on, Bryan had a burning desire to fly, wanting to make flying his profession of passion. As far back as he remembers, our artist made a decision to become a flier, a pilot,... an aviator.

Today, after plowing through aviation textbooks and manuals, flying the required hours mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration, and passing all his check-rides,... Bryan has obtained the necessary qualifications to proudly say, "I AM A PILOT!"

We're sure you'll enjoy showing-off to family and friends these personal interpretations of common and not-so-common themes exclusive to the world of flight designed by Bryan, aviator, and graphic artist. Pledge your allegiance to all that is Aviation, with these® Aviation T-Shirt Art! designs.

How it's done.® Aviation T-Shirt Art! aviation t-shirts are digitally designed and created by an artistic, passionate aviator. Images are expertly printed on high quality 100% heavyweight cotton t-shirts.

Customer orders are received, processed, carefully packed in-house, and shipped via UPS® United Parcel Service®, FedEx®, and the United States Postal Service.

Windtee™ Delivers Worldwide.

Windtee delivered our aviation-related t-shirts to pilots and aviation enthusiasts within the United States, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Russia, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Israel.

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Contact Windtee­™

w logo aboutus150x150.jpg® Aviation T-Shirt Art!
P.O. Box 550
New York, N.Y. 10467
Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm ET

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