International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration

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The Wiki Symposium

WikiSym is a symposium (conference) series dedicated to wiki research and practice.

A wiki is a website-based collaboration tool and content management system where everyone with access to the website can read, edit, and organize the contents, usually through a simple browser interface. The technology is so flexible, however, that wikis are being used for almost any conceivable purpose.

If you wonder about the significance of wikis for societal progress, you need to look no further than Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, which tries to provide the knowledge of the world to everyone, without borders, without limits.

If you wonder about the significance of wikis for commerce and enterprises, we like to cite Shashi Seth, Sr. Product Manager at Google: "This company runs on wikis." (A statement made at WikiSym 2005.) Shashi is refering to GooWiki and Sparrow.

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