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PSI Seminars: Education for Life

Leadership Development - Personal Growth - Team Building

PSI Seminars is a company with a dream...a dream of a more cooperative and peaceful world. Through presenting a variety of seminars on communication, self-concept, and leadership, individuals in both the general public and business communities learn techniques and tools for gaining more control, freedom, power, and happiness in their lives. PSI Seminars is an organization dedicated to the belief that we all possess powers and strengths that remain virtually untapped throughout our lives. These potentials, as well as a greater joy and aliveness, can be made available to everyone through comprehensive educational programs.

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What will I get out of the PSI Seminars Basic Course?

Because you have probably only heard about the Basic course, I will tell you some of the things you can expect to personally gain as a result of attending the basic. The basic seminar is the introductory course offered by PSI Seminars. It is the prerequisite to any of the advanced courses taught by PSI Seminars. The basic is held over four days in many major cities across the country. The class is taught experientially, so rather than sitting listening to a boring lecturer for four days, you're actually working with the exercises as they are taught. You physically experience the exercises in class and apply the concepts immediately. Over the course of four days you will do around 32 different exercises that increase awareness in several different areas of life. So instead of focusing on one area like finances, or relationships, you cover many areas.

A PSI Seminars student talks about the BASIC Course

Expected Results

Course Methodology

Free Introduction to the PSI Seminars Basic Course

Clear Communication

How is your current communication level? Everyday we're communicating verbally, yet sometimes our non-verbal or unconscious outward communications doesn't match up with our intended result. Sometimes this communication can over power our verbal communication stifling our effectiveness. At the Basic I was introduced to this concept. I was given the chance to honestly look at my overall effectiveness, and I found areas I hadn't realized were being effected by my unconscious communications. During one of the many experiential exercises in the basic, I received feedback on my communication and my effectiveness.

Clarity and Direction

What do you want out of life? Do you set goals? Are you clear about the steps to reach your goals? Are your daily habits in alignment with reaching these goals? At the basic you will be able to take time to get very clear on the answers to these questions. Most people find that after the basic seminar personal goals are attainable, and systematically reached through implementing the tools the basic teaches.


Are you a leader? What type of leader are you? Do you understand the many different ways to lead? Today leadership is probably the most sought after quality in business. Accordingly, what would it be worth to drastically improve your leadership abilities in one weekend. At the Basic you will experience your ability to lead, receiving honest feedback. With this honest feedback you can improve or fine tune your leadership style, increasing your abilities immediately.

Supportive Internal Dialog

Do you have supportive internal thoughts? When you listen to the voice inside your mind, is it supporting you? Most people don't know the impact that their own negative thoughts have on their success. At the basic you're given the chance to listen carefully, exploring what your internal thoughts are saying, why they are saying it, and how you can create new supportive internal thought processes to encourage and promote your overall mental health and effectiveness. This impacts all areas of your life and is one of the most powerful experiences in the Basic.

Do you suffer from victim consciousness?

Does life always seem to be out to get you? Are you unlucky in life? Do bad things just always happen to you? Are you constantly blaming other people for your problems? Be honest, if you answered yes to any of the preceding questions you are living your life as a victim. At the basic seminar you will see the different ways people live as victims, and the big costs they pay living life as a victim. You can, and will be able to take back control of your life.

How are your relationships?

At the Basic, students take time to fully examine the current state of their relationship to themselves, and to others. The tools taught can be applied to business or familial relationships. Are you currently estranged from family members? Have you been fighting with family for years? At the Basic many students have resolved internal conflict allowing them to forgive and move on with life. This usually results in grads reforming strong relationships with their family and loved ones.

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