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NCDO is an independent, neutral organisation uniquely embedded and positioned in Dutch society. NCDO’s core goal is to strengthen and highlight public support for international cooperation and sustainable development and achievement of the Millennium Goals.

To achieve global progress in the eight prioritised areas laid down in the Millennium Goals during the United Nations Millennium Summit in September 2000, international cooperation is a prerequisite. Sustainable development is regarded as a process with economic, ecological and social dimensions. The interrelationship between these dimensions is essential.

NCDO advocates the firmer embedment of the Millennium Goals in the human rights as formulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, for only then will development become a right and not a mere promise; only then, on the basis of their rights, will people everywhere in the world get a better grip on their own choices and will they be more in control of the way in which their society is set up and given shape.

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