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I am a doctoral student in physics at the University of Texas (UT) at Dallas (in Richardson). My work is in space physics, the study of the space environment, encompassing realms from the ionosphere to the magnetosphere to interplanetary space.

Specifically, I am currently using data taken in the Earth's ionosphere by DMSP satellites to constrain parameters in the magnetosphere and develop models. Intended applications include modelling subauroral electric fields and their influence on the Earth's plasmasphere. My advisor is Phil Anderson.

My M.S. is in physics from UT-El Paso in cooperation with UT-Brownsville. My work there in the relativity group was concerned with data analysis for gravitational wave detection. While there I worked on data analysis methods for triggered burst searches, on stochastic searches, and made two summer research visits to the LIGO-Livingston site.

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Brownsville TX
United States 78520-5549

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