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EVD informatiebron voor internationaal ondernemen en samenwerken


EVD: Agency for International Business and Cooperation

The Agency for International Business and Cooperation (EVD) is part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Its mission is to promote and encourage international business and international cooperation. As a State agency and a partner to businesses and public-sector organisations, the EVD aims to help them achieve success in their international operations. A growing network of organisations, government institutions and companies have come to rely on the EVD for information about foreign markets, governments and trade and industry. With its wide-ranging knowledge, the EVD is able to develop products and services that meet the needs of its customers and clients. It obtains its information from its network of Dutch and international organisations, which include international financing organisations, the European Commission, embassies, Chambers of Commerce, local business support offices, trade representative associations and, needless to say, trade and industry.

Thanks in part to its merger with Senter International on 1 April, the EVD can provide an even broader spectrum of services than before. It will of course continue to dedicate itself fully to its core task: to support Dutch businesses operating in foreign markets. However, it will be expanding - and enhancing - this traditional role by also administering the financial programmes previously run by Senter International. In addition, the EVD will devote more attention to the private sector in emerging markets and developing countries and will administer special programmes to assist the public sector in emerging markets. Combining these different tasks into a single organisation will improve the services offered to its various target groups.

Its enhanced position in the world of international business and cooperation brings the EVD into contact with four different target groups:

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