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Debatepedia, a project of the International Debate Education Association and Georgetown University students/alumni, is a 20,000-strong community of scholars, students, debaters, advocates, and thinkers dedicated to improving the depth and clarity of public debate through the transformative power of wiki collaboration. Debatepedia intentionally draws close comparison to the free wiki encyclopedia Wikipedia, and posits itself as the "Wikipedia of debate".

Endorsed by the National Forensic League, Debatepedia has approximately 3,000 articles surrounding debates and their supporting arguments and evidence. Content focuses on an evidence-based rundown of the pros and cons of the pressing issues of our day, with the intent of empowering the international community to reach informed, rationale conclusions. With the lightning -fast ability of wiki technology enabling constant updates and collaboration, Debatepedia is an effective tool for creating a logic tree of published and original arguments.

Aims and objectives

Debatepedia effects the debate on issues on multiple levels. For individual participants in today's wired Democracies, the site aims to educate directly for informed decision-making. On the national and global level, it means to affect positive change in the quality of debate society-wide.

Aims for the individual

  • Help individuals learn about the world through debate. Because debated issues are often important, and test social values, reading and engaging on Debatepedia is a wonderful way to consider the thinking present in the world and the difficulties faced by humans.
  • Stimulate realization of one's own values and beliefs in the process of inquiring into topics and weighing pros and cons. Foster confidence in these beliefs and the capacity to defend them.
  • Issues and topics that are worth debating are often important and impact peoples lives greatly, making time spent reading and writing on Debatepedia a good use of ones time.
  • Create a positive question-asking and critical mentality among individuals, fostering their passioned engagement in the shaping of policy and other matters.
  • Help individuals bring structure and simplicity to complicated issues, so that they can then break-them down in making a case, such that they can compel other individuals.
  • Provide a sense of community to individuals, particularly with other individuals that share the common vision of Debatepedia and rational debate and deliberation.
  • Provide a sense of productive engagement in shaping rational dialogue and discourse.
  • Develop a resource that allows voters to confidently vote based on their principles for certain candidates or on certain issues.
  • Produce a resource that acts as the ultimate "voter guide".
  • Enable debaters to debate more effectively, gain confidence, and grow.
  • Provide debaters with an outlet for their immense bodies of research and strong intellectual talents.

Aims for society

  • Enable more nuanced and rational social exchanges, and provide a structure and the tools for this.
  • Enable better deliberations, calculations, and policy outcomes.
  • Foster understanding and respect for legitimate differences of opinion and values. Demonstrate that there are frequently two legitimate sides to an issue, that debates are often complicated and nuanced, and foster, therefore, a greater environment for understanding a civility among groups.
  • Provide a resource that will allow government staffers to form coherent and full briefings to their leaders, so that those leaders can better deliberate, decide, and act. Produce "briefing-quality" debate articles.
  • Help demonstrate the potential for applying powerful technologies toward the objective of aiding policy development.




  • Brooks Lindsay - founder and primary editor
  • 206 406 7558

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