Collaborating to Build the Commons

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AboutUs content is freely available for reuse under the following licenses:

In simpler times villagers shared common grounds for grazing. Today we share a commons of culture and knowledge. Different parts of the commons are restricted in different ways. AboutUs is restricted only in ways that protect your freedoms to use and reuse the content you and other members of the AboutUs community create.

Please feel warmly welcomed to use content from in your own creative works! We even allow our content to be used for commercial purposes. If you want, you can create an exact copy of AboutUs. Better yet, you can create an improved version of AboutUs. When you copy, distribute and/or transmit content from AboutUs you must do the following:

  1. Let others know where you got the content from (a link to is fine for this purpose),
  2. License any modifications you make to the content under a license that preserves the same freedoms (e.g., GFDL 1.2 or CC By-SA).

For background information about CC By-SA see and for background about GFLD 1.2 see

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