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Salinas Barrios Unidos - Non-profit, gang violence prevention and intervention program


Salinas Barrios Unidos Inc. is a grassroots organization that works closely with youth that are at risk of gang and street violence. Our mission is to prevent and curtail violence among youth by providing them with life enhancing activities. Our purpose is to give youth hope for a better life and provide them with the tools necessary to make positive changes in their lives.

Barrios Unidos organizes positive activities for youth that prevent gang involvement and provide deterrence from the juvenile justice system. SBU’s success is attributed to its comprehensive and non-traditional approaches to the causes and effects of gang violence.

First, SBU utilizes former gang members and or family members of gang members who are trained to intervene when youth are in danger of becoming involved with this destructive lifestyle, based upon the belief that community workers who have experienced and overcome the challenges facing young people today are best able to assist them. Second, is the belief that gang violence is a community concern, which impacts all sectors and drains the community of its resources.

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