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A 2 Z dot ORG


Excerpted from the website:

Why Does Unix Hosting Cost Less?
Microsoft's products offer many features that are important to our customers. This list includes .NET, ASP, FrontPage Extensions, SQL Server and MS Access databases, and more. Microsoft's policies and practices have landed us in a bad place. Microsoft has placed poorly-written code on the market. They have rushed to monopolize market segments by including features in their operating systems that were immature and insecure. Those of us who purchased their expensive software and who depend on it have paid an extra price. Insecure code has cost us time, lost data, needless upgrades, down-time, and we have had to purchase other products to protect ourselves. Microsoft issues free hotfixes but keeping track of those is time-consuming and a given patch can break something else. We hope Microsoft's new products will deliver on their promises to take this situation seriously. We are migrating to Windows 2003 based on that hope.
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1793 N. Lapis
Prescott AZ 86301 US


A to Z
(817) 267-8210

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