EASYBAN AUSTRALIA - Intelligent Animal Care and Control

EASYBAN specializes in the protection of your house, garden and property from bird pests, stray cats and other animal intruders. The result of our continuous research and market study is a range of smart, effective and environmentally-friendly animal care & control solutions.

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Easyban Australia - Intelligent Animal Care and Control


Bird Proofing and Bird Control

Repel even the toughest bird pest with our range of proven bird deterrents! We cater to many bird pest situations and offer our clients tailor-made bird proofing and bird control solutions with guaranteed results. https://www.easyban.com.au/birdstop

Cat, Dog and Animal Control

Keep cats, dogs, rabbits, possums and other animal intruders out of your garden, pond or sandpit, safely and effectively, with our range of automatic outdoor animal deterrents. https://www.easyban.com.au/animalstop

Pest Control

Our pest control solutions get rid of many your pest animal and insect problems. Whether it is flies, wasps, mice, rabbits or other creatures that bother you, we have an effective and environmentally friendly solution! https://www.easyban.com.au/peststop

Pet Care and Training

If you care about your pet’s well-being and house manners check out our pet care and training section. It includes some intelligent solutions that make your and your pet’s life better and healthier. https://www.easyban.com.au/petcare


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