Shop For A Cause With! A Fun Way To Fundraise For Animal Charities. Offering Charity T Shirt Fundraising & Marketing Campaigns For Animal Charities

Shop For A Cause with CharityPaws - LogoHave you ever had that moment in your life where you were frustrated because you just felt like you needed to do more? Yeah – that feeling! You know how it goes, you are flipping through Facebook looking at all the cute and cuddly animals and then WHAM! there is the picture of the dog that was beaten, or the elephant killed for his tusks or the monkeys being used for testing. You speed up your surfing so you to do not have to look at the images — yep, I have done that too – but sadly, that does not make the problem go away, and the groups that work tirelessly to make change and save the animals need more help!

Launching in April 2014, CharityPaws is a social goods company that offers registered 501 (c)(3) charities a unique and fun way to raise funds for their group. With these funds we hope charities can do more to promote their messages and save more animals! It is that simple!

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