The general Context of B-Happy


We can even start a useful PR-efficient brainstorming on this wiki-page as a win-win process, that adds value to the domain as well as to the reputation of the conversation partners ... even if they don't buy the domain. See G WorkingLikeAHoofsmith /G WorkingLikeAHoofsmith.

The shared Domain Context of B-Happy

So let's see, who has taken ownership of one of the following domains, link them to Aboutus catalogue wiki pages, analyze and praise them.

Every owner is invited to a friendly conversation here, making their point, why their choice is the best one.

As G MarketsAreConversations so each contribution here, increases the value of all claims here in the sense of a friendly G Coopetition :-) within the framework of G WikiNomics, the new economics of 21th century, that "changes everything".

B-Happy.Biz is for Sale

Template:forsale The owner of the domain B-Happy.Biz offers this domain for 14.99 USD. The domain is listed in fridemar.com/FridemarsPublicDomainPortfolio.

The Buying Process as an G ExtremeOpenBusiness process

He accepts Paypal payment. To make the transaction process transparent and safe, he updates his Google Spreadsheet, as soon as the money comes in. Besides that, he lists the transaction in fridemar.com/PublicTransactions, in which email-addresses are replaced by RealNames, bound to domain-names of the interaction partners.

He recommends to register at the registrar name.com for a free account, where the IntraRegistrarTransfer is initiated, as soon as Paypal has affirmed the payment.

Public Conversation

fridemar 14:47, 2 April 2009 (PDT) : As a member of Aboutus.org, you can leave your timestamped messages ( concerning the open negotiate / buy process) here on this wikipage: As your Buy-Statement on this WikiPage is protected by a source reversion system, the buy process is completely transparent and verifiable to the public (inclusively the tax authorities, who are an additional protection against dishonest transactions.)

fridemar 09:59, 3 April 2009 (PDT)

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