manufacturers and distributes satellite equipment and parts


Distributor of Free To Air (FTA), MPEGII, DVB Satellite Equipment. We sell Traxis, Trimax, and Fortec Star Digital Satellite Equipment including Fortec Star Lifetime Classic Ultra NA, Traxis DBS1500, DBS 1500, DBS2500, DBS 2500, DBS2550, DBS 2550, DBS3500, DBS 3500, DBS4500, DBS 4500, Common Interface receiver (CI) receivers like the DBS5500 DBS 5500, Nagravision, Irdeto, Cryptoworks, Viaccess, for Persian, Iranian, Afghan, Lari, Dari, Iran satellite Persian channels, arabic tv, arab tv, arab satellite, vietnamese tv, thai tv, vtv4, vtv, cctv4, cctv9, thai tv international, Coship CDVB3188a CDVB 3188A CDVB-3188A CDVB3188 CDVB 3188 CDVB-3188 dvb2300 CDVB 2300 CDVB-2300 cdvb5300 CDVB 5300 CDVB-5300 cdvb2000E CDVB-2000E CDVB 2000E cdvb2000D CDVB-2000D CDVB 2000D Aimsat DS-3000 DS 3000 DS3000 BEC Benjamin BEC DB 6600+ DB-6600+DB6600+ DB6600+CI DBS2000 DBS 2000,DBS-2000,Bluetooth Dongle, Coship, BEC, Aimsat, DB6600+, DB6600+CI, DBS2000, DBS-2000, DB-6600+, DB6600, DB-6600,CDVB3188A, CDVB2300, CDVB5300, CDVB2000E, CDVB2000D,Dish, persian satellite, persian satellite tv, persian satellite t.v, iran tv, melli, free italian tv channel, Greek tv, greek satellite television, tv, quad lnb, quad lnbf, legacy, legacy quads, dishpro, dishpro technology, ku-lnbf, ku lnb, dvb, dsr, satcruiser, dsr-101, wholesale, factory, wearhouse, import service, export satellite receivers, bluetooth equipment, bluetooth, bluelink, usb dongle, dongles, bluetooth usb dongle,s, computer networking wireless, made easy, computers, monitors, usb dongle, blue, al jazeera, dth, turkish channels, irdeto, viaccess,Bosnian TV Channel, Bosnian satellite Television, Bosnian TV, Pink Plus Satellite, Free Bosnian Channels, Bosnian Serbian SCANALATURE dbs621 dbs621-2 dbs 621 - 2 ITALIANE LIBERE CON I NOSTRI SISTEMI DELLA TV SATELLITE Satellite Television, visinplus fta pc card twinhan vision plus vp-1020 vp 1020 v p 1 0 2 0 vp1020 satellite system free iranian, arabic, bosnian, and much much more.... we carry fta free to air products we are a wholesale distributor and ship from our distribution center in Marietta, GA. Call us today to become a dealer. Satellite dish bosnian network television, Bosnian television, BEC DBS-2000 Wholesale Satellite Dish SG-2100 Satellite Motor Satellite card Satellite television card for pc, pc card, satellite pc card bosnian radio free station, distributor, satellite distributor, fta satellite distributor, free to air distributor, coship distributor, bec distributor, wholesale, coship wholesale, bec wholesale, free international channels, digivision, progressive scan distributor, pc card, satellite pc card, satellite computer card, computer receiver, oem, special satellite projects, import satellite, export satellite, BEC DB6600+CI, DB-6600+CI DB 6600+CI, Common Interface BEC DB 6600 + receiver


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WS International
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