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Windows live messenger is an instant messaging client from Microsoft. The website allows you to download the client for your computer. Windows live messenger is compatible with all versions of Windows (WindowsXP, Windows 7, Windows Vista etc) as well as Mac. First offered in 1999, the windows live messenger has over 300 million active users. - Features - Text, Voice and Video Chat

As part of its basic functionality allows you to have text chat as well as voice and video chat with your friends and family.

Chat with Windows Live Messenger as well as Yahoo! users

As of July 2006, users can chat with Yahoo! users and vice versa without having to create an account on the other service. However, you need to have the latest version of client in order to be able to chat with users from Yahoo!.

Share folders and play online games with client now enables its users to play games online with their friends right inside their chat clients. The client offers a host of games for you to choose from. You can also share complete folders with your friends through windows live messenger. In order to protect your computer, the client comes with a built-in anti-virus which scans the folder before the transfer.

Call a phone number with client

With, you can not only make PC to PC calls but can also call a phone number from right inside your chat client. This service, however, is offered in only a limited number of countries including the US, the UK, Spain, France, Germany and a few other European countries. The services is supported by Telefonica in the US and by Orange in the rest of the world.

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