By now you should have an account and a personal page. The following describes the functions of your menu at the top right.

Your Portrait

Clicking on your portrait (or the default silhouette if you haven't uploaded one yet) will take you to a place where you can upload a new portrait, replace your existing portrait, or re-crop it.

Your Name

Clicking on your name links to your personal page, which is your place to write about yourself, you interests, introduce yourself to the community, etc.

My Talk


This is a place for other members of the AboutUs community to leave you messages. When a member of the community edits this page a green call-out will alert you to your new message. Depending on your account preferences you may be e-mailed when a message is left on your talk page.


This link will take you to your preferences page. You can edit your account preferences at any time.


This link takes you to a list of pages that are important to you so that you can keep track of any edits made to them. You can add a page to your watchlist by hitting the "watch" button at the top of any given page. In your account preferences under the editing tab, you can select to watch all pages you create or edit if this isn't already your default.


This link takes you to a chronological list of all your edits on AboutUs, also referred to as your contributions.

Log Out

This link logs you out of your AboutUs account.

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