Hasn't started yet, please see WikiCommunityMark this page and Projects:WikiCommunityMark for the locus of energy as we begin to organize this consensus process. Once we figure out the "go thresholds" we'll bring this poll live by filling in the following template: WikiCommunityMark ConsensusPoll

Consensus Poll Notice

This Consensus Poll is still "in progress". Please modify this document to work for you. To help facilitate this process, please see Projects:WikiCommunityMark.

A community mark is an alternative to trademark for community-based projects. The need for Community Marks stems from the non-commercial focus of these projects and the way these projects spread virally on the web. While we need to protect the integrity of the community brand, licensing and legal enforcement is too costly in terms of time and money to make sense for loosely joined communities. Therefore, we leave enforcement up to the community via the Community Marks denotation. (Lightly edited by PeterKaminski from ChrisMessina's Case for Community Marks.)


Just like the blog community has the orange "radio waves" RSS icon RSSFeedIcon.png, we want an easily-recognizable WikiCommunityMark that basically communicates "This is a WIKI ... edit every page!" This is a movement to start the ball rolling. When this process succeeds, the participating wikis will include the WikiCommunityMark in some way.

Just like the RSS icon evolved over time (rss word.png...Rss radio waves.png...RSSFeedIcon.png), we recognize that the WikiCommunityMark will also evolve over time. Rather than struggling to create a perfectly evocative mark for version 0.1, we recognize our primary objective is quickly getting to wide deployment of a single icon that is "good enough".

This exercise will be a success if we can demonstrate the ability of the wider wiki community to self organize for collective action.

Good Enough For Version 0.1

After extensive discussion and brainstorming, we agree that the following icons are "good enough" for version 0.1 of the WikiCommunityMark.


The following principles guided our selection of the 0.1 WikiCommunityMark and will inform our selection of version 0.2

  • Compatible ... should work well with the UniversalWikiEditButton icon.
  • Add the principles we should consider here.

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