A WikiBox is a self organizing tool.

It has three elements: News/Current information, Resource links, Action links.

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Here's some background reading:

Technological Fluency

This phrase is intended to mean much more than access to technology, often referred to as the Digital Divide.

It is an effort to get past the status quo of boy toys - which make up a majority of the internet and its products and processes.

WikiBox is a human powered conversation that is self organized and open to anyone. If topics get unwieldy simply figure out how it should be split. If there are too many people contributing in a certain area, figure out a way to divide and stay connected.

You are not forced to go to a certain website to keep up with the conversation of your choice. Intentionality is elevated to the highest level. Assume good faith presumes that people participate on real levels. This is not a chat room, noise is not appreciated.

Banning someone is not appropriate in a human environment. Disrupting personalities are asked to leave. There may be open WikiBoxes or closed - as in you need to be invited or apply to join the conversation, and the WikiBox is still open and free to edit.

The WikiBox is antithetical to the TV Box or Internet Box that you are used to. It is an open, self-organized effort to be intentional and build the world we want. We want businesses who are responsive to customers. We want Non-profits who are responsive to people, heck, we even want Politicians who are responsive to their constituents.

The WikiBox is an effort to cross boundaries and give affordances to technological fluency - making the internet a fully read - write experience - that of the visionaries of the fifties.

The WikiBox doesn't need to be relegated to one website, it doesn't need to be controlled by one entity - AboutUs introduces the WikiBox to the world for self organization and to start to work together to answer many of the questions that are coming so quickly at us.

AboutUs is organized as the lost and lonely about us pages spread throughout the internet. This gives us an uncommon advantage to begin to host WikiBoxes for everything imagined. Bowling Alley enthusiasts - start your WikiBox and place it on your website for the single conversation on the internet. Meta is where it is at.

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