Don't Role Your Eyes

21 December 2007

MarkDilley: Look Ted, this 1 million deaths per day on Duels.com looks interesting.
TedErnst: What the heck is that?
MD: It sounds pretty cool, like a lot of people are using Duels.com.

swishes hand around in air

TE: Let's look at the AboutUs WikiPage.


TE: It's just a basic starter page.
MD: That doesn't matter. What are it's categories?
TE: They're all redlinks

telepaths to you, the reader, the page doesn't yet exist

MD: That doesn't matter.

clicks out all the categories to see if there's anything in them. click, click, click

MD: Ted, Category:Role-playing Games has 74 pages in it, Duels - 17, Dualist has 23, Duelling - 9, Dueling - 9 and Duals - has 14.
TE: Cool. Let's look at the RPG one and see if there's something interesting there.
MD: That's cool because I like Role Playing Games. And, look at Category:Role Playing Games. 296 pages!
TE: Sounds confusing.
MD: It's a folksonomy! It shows the inherent quality of AboutUs as the folksomony of the web.
TE: Rockin!

magically creates the page by typing text and saving

MD: Sweet!

checks the specific recent changes for those categories

MD: Cool, 4 people other than myself have edited pages in this category. Well, that's not quite the 1 million deaths per day Duels.com is getting, but we can aspire.
TE: Mark, let's build one of those cool new news boxes you've been showing me.
MD: And it's more than that. Once we get it put together, it's a whole new Role Playing Games wiki!
TE: What do you mean?
MD: Let me show you.
RolePlayingGames badge.jpg

creates the news box and adds it to the two categories

TE: Great, what's next?
MD: You'll see!

writes three news items

TE: Wow, a whole new wiki!
MD: Yea, let's go duel

next turn

contributors: MarkDilley and TedErnst

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