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WebWatcherData.com discloses no information unless you are registered to use it. WebWatcherData.com is password-protected, which means you need a login and password to use WebWatcherData.com.

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A popular tool for parents and companies, WebWatcher allows you to monitor Internet activity. With WebWatcher software someone can track employees' or children's use of the Internet. WebWatcher runs in stealth mode so Internet users can't see it, while offering real-time remote online viewing at WebWatcherData.com to those authorized to use it.

WebWatcherData.com Contact

Phone Number from WebWatcherNow.com and WebWatcherKids.com: 1.800.340.6867

WebWatcherData.com - Software Features

Record All E-Mails
Record All Instant Messages including Myspace and Facebook messages
Record Every Single Keystroke including passwords
Monitor and Block Websites
Monitor From Anywhere
Content Filtering
Take Screenshots - Create keywords and screenshot will be taken when they appear
Completely Invisible - Computer user will never know WebWatcherData.com is running
Web Based Control Panel - WebWatcherData.com is the only monitoring program with web-based tracking, even from the watched computer.
Limit Access to Programs - Limit access to important programs or to violent games

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For more information about WebWatcher and monitoring site WebWatcherData.com, visit WebWatcherKids.com, the company's main website.

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