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pedometer reviews, step and activity tracking, and pedestrian exploration -- walking as the default activity

The Walker Tracker community site is a free, fun site which will help you log your daily step count, compete with friends, and make walking a more important part of your day -- start tracking your steps now.

Walker Tracker also provides activity challenges for organizations that want to get their employees "up and moving". Corporate sites are customized with "look and feel", branding, messaging, and programs for encouraging employees to participate in a walking-oriented fitness program. Walker Tracker is particularly well-suited for large corporations with multiple locations or divisions. For participants, the point system makes Walker Tracker a fun, game-like experience - HR and company wellness administrators can easily track progress and establish incentive awards.

Big and small organizations are discovering how Walker Tracker can help motivate employees to adopt healthier lifestyles and engage in regular exercise. Walker Tracker's corporate clients include multi-national companies, K-12 schools, large insurance companies, and branches of the US Military.


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