Video FAQ

Check out our growing collection of screencast videos for common help-related questions and topics below.
Contact us if you have any questions.


Several how-to tutorials:

And advanced tutorials:

Older version of re-done video:

Future screencasts maybe...

  1. How to use InfluenceUs
  2. How to use your talk page

Review of screencasts for do-over

Feel free to help prioritize which screencasts need to be re-done first.

Re-do right away

  • move page - audio seems okay - images are just too small to see
  • recent changes - the intro seems good, like the transitions - maybe just re-do the screencast portion and re-edit, need better script (Kristina, help?)

Re-do later, lower priority to re-do

  • how to log in - there is background noise, but overall it seem not urgent to fix
  • how to sign up - there is background noise - this one definitely needs to be done when the login screen is fixed so we can address RealName
  • Search
  • history
  • how to edit
  • why log in - the tabs outside the capture area are a bit disturbing - we could re-do this and add some transition or something with iMovie or figure out another way to do the navigation

Have been re-done once, so lowest priority to re-do again

  • preview and save v2.02 is up

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