Vagipe is a free webcam chat community, where people from all over the world come together to socialize. While the webcam chat is the core feature of the site, it also offers the usual community functions like fully customizable profiles, image and video galleries, friends and fan lists, and forums. A rare feature are video messages for mail, guestbooks and forums.

While Vagipe has certain rules and is moderated, it strives to be an open community and political correctness is rarely achieved.

Webcam Chat

The Vagipe webcam chat.
The Vagipe webcam chat is an inhouse development and can be installed on third party websites utilizing the Vagipe video servers for free. This feature is supported by advertisments below the chat window. Premium features are not available for the external installation, however moderator access can be configured.

Premium Philosophy

To be able to offer a video resolution which cannot be refinanced through advertising, Vagipe allows users to upgrade to a low-cost premium subscription (currently €5.99 / month). In addition to HD webcam video, on-site tools which are more open to abuse than others have also been packaged into the premium accounts.


English - there is a german sister site at Support for the turkish version at [1] has been discontinued.

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Contact Information

Vagipe is a product of KC Singapore. Contact us at .

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