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The CustomVue system for LASIK, by VISX.


CustomVue by VISX


CustomVue™ is a type of LASIK procedure developed by VISX. It is considered one of the most advanced technologies for this type of surgery today. The CustomVue™ system applies a technology originally developed in astrophysics to more fully map a patient's eye.

How it works

Screenshot from on 3/2/07.
Note: Acuity Map® is a registered trademark of 20/10 Perfect Vision Optische Geraete GmbH

WaveScan WaveFront Map

In you pre-LASIK consultation, your doctor will take a WaveScan measurement to map the unique characteristics of your eye. This map will indicate whether or not you qualify for the surgery. If you do, it will be used to develop an individualized treatment based on the unique characteristics of your eye.

see examples of WaveFront maps

PreVue Lens

While it is not a necessary step, your doctor may suggest that you look through a 'PreVue' lens during the consultation to demonstrate the vision enhancements possible with LASIKsurgery. Note that this process delivers only an estimation of the possibilities for vision improvement and therefore should not be taken as a strict indicator of the outcome of your particular surgery. The correction of the lens is derived, however, from your WaveScan.

Tracking/Guidance System

The data from your original WaveScan is used to direct the Excimer Laser through the treatment. Depending on the type of VISX Excimer Laser used, tracking systems will vary between:

VISX ActiveTrak: (VISX Star S4). ActiveTrak tracks your eye in 3-D throughout the procedure to accommodate for any movements you might make. It automatically centers the treatment on the middle of your pupil and, in cases of aberrant motion greater than 1.5mm, pauses the laser to recenter.
Iris Registration (IR): (VISX Star S4 IR). The first FDA-approved technology to automatically and instantaneously align (or re-align) the CustomVue treatment continually throughout the procedure (see diagram below).

Iris Registration (screenshot from on 3/2/07)

Current Excimer Lasers

VISX Star S4

The VISX Star S4


  • Variable Spot Scanning (VSS): laser beams of variable shape and size conserve tissue and optimize treatment time
  • SmartBeem Technology: laser beams are adjusted in real time according to treatment specifications
  • Variable Repetition Rate (VRR): repetition rate of the beams can be altered (optimizes treatment time)
  • VISX ActiveTrak 3-D Active Eye Tracking System and Automatic Centering: tracks intra-operative movements in the eye in 3-D during surgery; automatically locates and recenters the laser on the pupil.


Treatment Range:

FDA Approval(s):

  • 2000


The VISX Star S4 IR

A Variable Spot Scanning laser with Variable Repetition Rate.

All the features of the Star S4 plus:

  • Iris Registration


Treatment Range

FDA Approvals (Extending already approved range of Star S4)

2005: Hyperopia

Older Versions of the Star Series

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