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The story of the Tactical Tailor starts in early 1990 with my enlistment in the Army, serving in the infantry at Shofield Barracks, Hawaii. I realized after my first field problem that my Army issued equipment wasn't meeting my needs. So I began my quest to build and modify gear that would make my life easier and allow me to perform my duties more efficiently. I purchased a small sewing machine, which I used to make my own gear. After a while, I wore out this machine, and bought an industrial machine. I was working on everything from rucksacks and web gear to Ghillie suits. Serving as a Sniper Team Leader in my battalion scout platoon gave me a good proving ground for my gear. Soon I was making Ghillie suits for most of the snipers in my Brigade. Years went by and my "hobby" expanded and soon consumed more time than serving in the Army. So, near the end of my second enlistment, I decided to make a career change, and offer my products to the general public. So began "The Tactical Tailor."

Tactical Tailor Lifetime Guarantee: Should one of our products fail, we will replace it or repair it free of charge for the lifetime of the purchaser. This warranty covers both quality of materials and workmanship.



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