ShortCut: SWF for suggesting this feature to RayKing

fridemar: hello
[2:10pm] fridemar: Mark, are you online=
[2:10pm] fridemar: ?
[2:10pm] TedErnst: hi fridemar
[2:10pm] fridemar: Hi Ted
[2:10pm] TedErnst: how are you?
[2:11pm] fridemar: Thanks fine and you?
[2:11pm] TedErnst: I'm doing great
[2:11pm] fridemar: Hey
[2:11pm] fridemar:
[2:11pm] fridemar: Perhaps you can help?
[2:11pm] fridemar: On a great endeavor
[2:12pm] TedErnst: try me
[2:12pm] fridemar: I notice, that in AboutUs the allowed file formats exclude one of the best
[2:12pm] fridemar: Interested?
[2:13pm] TedErnst: sure
[2:13pm] fridemar: http://www.aboutus.org/User_talk:MarkDilley#We_urgently_need_interactive_swf-files_to_upload_to_a_trusted_platform._In_Aboutus.org_we_trust.
[2:13pm] fridemar: Here is my proposal.
[2:13pm] TedErnst: what is swf?
[2:14pm] TedErnst: ah, I didn't read enough
[2:14pm] fridemar: This is the Macromedia file format for interactive videos
[2:14pm] TedErnst: I see flash
[2:14pm] fridemar: Aboutus uses already YouTube presentations .. linear videos.
[2:15pm] fridemar: But there is something superior then that .. that allows better collaboration
[2:15pm] TedErnst: question:
[2:15pm] fridemar: Yes
[2:16pm] TedErnst: are you requesting that we allow the upload of swf files OR are you requsting that we support the proper display of swf files?
[2:16pm] fridemar: The first step is the essential one .. allowing upload.
[2:17pm] fridemar: The second one is the luxury part of it.
[2:18pm] fridemar: With the first step we get 99% increase in productivity relative to the total solution with step 2
[2:18pm] fridemar: including step 2
[2:18pm] fridemar: The percentage is my feeling
[2:18pm] TedErnst: are you familiar with Kaltura?  how do Kaltura interact wtih your request?
[2:19pm] fridemar: No, please help me to remember ...
[2:19pm] fridemar: Who is Kaltura?
[2:19pm] TedErnst: Kaltura is the project making video production wiki-like
[2:19pm] fridemar: Ah
[2:19pm] TedErnst: Wikimedia has partnered with them
[2:20pm] fridemar: Is it operational
[2:20pm] TedErnst: I think so - I haven't used it
[2:20pm] TedErnst: at AboutUs we've talked about supporting it the way we do with youtube
[2:20pm] fridemar: Kaltura.org
[2:20pm] fridemar: .com
[2:20pm] fridemar: .net
[2:20pm] TedErnst: demand hasn't pushed us to actually do it so far
[2:20pm] fridemar: ?
[2:21pm] TedErnst: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaltura
[2:21pm] fridemar: Does it include Screencapturing?
[2:21pm] TedErnst: I don't know
[2:21pm] fridemar: Thanks... I copy this in my accumulating ...
[2:22pm] TedErnst: I think wikiHow is using Kaltura somehow
[2:22pm] fridemar: Clipboard
[2:22pm] TedErnst: or maybe I made that up, I'm not sure if I remember correctly
[2:23pm] fridemar: Nevertheless swf is very important, because players are integrated in nearly all graphic browsers ..(Macromedia)
[2:24pm] fridemar: the format is open for third parties, there are even sourforge projects, using it.
[2:24pm] fridemar: supporting it.
[2:24pm] TedErnst: how does someone make an swf file?
[2:24pm] fridemar: With freeware like Wink
[2:24pm] fridemar: from debugmode.com
[2:25pm] fridemar: It is professional software for personal and commercial use... no fly in the ointment
[2:26pm] fridemar: no adware, no spyware, the Indian programmer is a real Boddhisattwa
[2:26pm] fridemar: it produces excellent output quality and minimal filesize
[2:27pm] fridemar: we can use the projectfiles .wnk to make derivative work in the commons
[2:27pm] fridemar: Wonderful tool.
[2:27pm] fridemar: I searched for hours in the Web for an appropriate hosting platform
[2:28pm] fridemar: Didn't find something yet convincing.
[2:29pm] fridemar: Aboutus would imho be the best host.
[2:30pm] fridemar: The active community of Wink worldwide is probably huge ...
[2:30pm] TedErnst: I think it will be hard for you to make this case for AboutUs, I'm afraid
[2:30pm] fridemar: Why
[2:31pm] fridemar: If we restrict the use for CreativeCommons use ...?
[2:31pm] TedErnst: because it sounds like what you need is a free host for these files
[2:31pm] fridemar: like YouTube...
[2:32pm] TedErnst: and I don't see how this interacts with AboutUs and what's going on here now, unfortunately
[2:32pm] TedErnst: I want AboutUs to be a place for community work, but I don't yet see it happening very much
[2:32pm] TedErnst: I'm just not seeing how it fits with the content we have, or how it improves that content
[2:33pm] fridemar: There must be incentives for community work ...
[2:33pm] fridemar: You might want to have a look at Meatball:RecentChangesWikiTrail, where swf
[2:34pm] fridemar: files are used to transfer procedural knowledge (how to handle certain Social Software Tools)
[2:35pm] fridemar: We have an intermediary startup host swfiles.com anyhow...
[2:35pm] TedErnst: I think a better host for this would be a place where people are already wanting to do this kind of work together
[2:36pm] fridemar: What do you recommend ...
[2:36pm] TedErnst: I don't know.  I'd never even heard of these files until just now.
[2:37pm] fridemar: We always learn ...
[2:38pm] fridemar: Did you see our ExtremeOpenBusiness initiative ?
[2:39pm] TedErnst: I'm not sure
[2:39pm] fridemar: You know perhaps, that Google:OpenBusiness brings over 5 million entries.
[2:39pm] fridemar: ExtremeOpenBusiness just our initiative at Meatball.
[2:39pm] TedErnst: ah
[2:40pm] fridemar: In analogy to ExtremeProgramming
[2:41pm] fridemar: I bought the domain ExtremeOpenBusiness at Name.com for sharing investment and gain.
[2:41pm] fridemar: Seconds later all the other TDLs were taken.
[2:41pm] fridemar: I documented it with Screenshots ...
[2:42pm] TedErnst: something shady?
[2:42pm] fridemar: They were not taken by me ..
[2:42pm] fridemar: opaque business
[2:43pm] fridemar: After I had bought the first one (instead of buying the whole bunch) I took a moment to ponder ..
[2:43pm] fridemar: This killed the opportunity
[2:44pm] fridemar: ExtremeOpenBusiness goes together with SocialDomaining and LiterateDomainMarketing as concepts, inspired by software engineering
[2:46pm] fridemar: I made a bilink with a stub page at Aboutus and Meatball:ExtremeOpenBusiness.
[2:47pm] fridemar: OpenBusiness is a buzzword, but Extr...O..ess is a clearcut concept.
[2:47pm] fridemar: Resources are open (not new, see OpenSource),
[2:47pm] MarkDilley: like RadicalTransparency
[2:47pm] fridemar: Yes, Hi Mark, great to see you.
[2:48pm] MarkDilley: Hi - unburied my head from some tasks... see your energy - not sure where to go from here
[2:48pm] fridemar: Transactions, Marketing, Recruiting are open.
[2:48pm] fridemar: Yes, I know .. workoverload ...
[2:48pm] fridemar: ?
[2:48pm] MarkDilley:
[2:49pm] fridemar: Recruiting is based on an OpenInvitationToParticipate
[2:49pm] fridemar: Did you check: Meatball:ExtremeOpenBusiness?
[2:50pm] fridemar:
[2:50pm] MarkDilley: not yet, but will open it to check out later
[2:50pm] fridemar: What do you say to my question on your Talkpage?
[2:51pm] fridemar: Mark
[2:51pm] MarkDilley: have that tabbed out to read later
[2:52pm] fridemar: It is a great opportunity imho for Aboutus ... YouTube has not yet swf Flashfile upload ..
[2:52pm] fridemar: With Flashfiles we can create interactive tutorials for all community-relevant stuff.
[2:53pm] fridemar: Creating stuff from all pages, wikis, that adhere to the CreativeCommons principles
[2:54pm] fridemar: We can use the freeware Wink to do this.
[2:54pm] fridemar: We can weave with a new quality ..
[2:55pm] fridemar: E.g. we can weave the Wikipedia in an non-intrusive way.
[2:55pm] fridemar: With FireTrail annotations, presented as flash files...
[2:56pm] fridemar: Normally it is not possible to connect wiki-pages with arbitrary community pages on the Web.
[2:57pm] fridemar: But with annotations, that don't interfere with the non-talk pages, it is feasible.


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