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UNI.CC Network - Free domain names, web forwarding and website creation tools.


We provide and manage free domain names for commercial and personal use, through a second level domain under the .CC TLD, which is an official Internet Country Code domain name. We assign and delegate all domain names under .UNI.CC. Our mission is to provide you with the basic tools to build vital, successful sites.

This site went online on April 21, 1999 with the free "web forwarding" service. During the following years the number of members grew constantly. Members asked for more services and we worked hard to fill their needs. UNI.CC could survive the 2000-2001 turndown in the Internet industry thanks to the cooperation of the staff, formed by people who worked on a voluntary basis for UNI.CC and had regular jobs to live. On October 2002, we began to develop a new version of the site based on the experience of the previous years and reinforced the business model to keep UNI.CC totally free.




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Uni.cc is a great domain provider because it allows DNS changes. If you want email addresses under your UNI.CC domain i would reccomend for the email, google apps, and for the DNS changes, EveryDNS.net.

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