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txtDrop.com - Completely Free Text Messaging


TxtDrop enables users in the United States and Canada to send text messages with instant delivery. No need to pay your cellular provider up to 10 cents per text message sent.




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TxtDrop.com launched its completely free text messaging service for internet users in the United States and Canada on September 1st, 2005, with support for all major and regional wireless providers. TxtDrop’s goal is to make web based text messaging free and as easy as possible, with everything done in one easy step, on one simple web page.

One of TxtDrop's strongest features is its advanced auto carrier detection, which unlike other sites, allows users to send text messages without the need to know the recipients cell phone carrier. TxtDrop is a free, ad supported service, generating revenue from Yahoo! Publisher Network advertisements which run on the site.

TxtDrop recently launched a sister site, TxtDrop.net, which is similiar to TxtDrop.com, but features free international text messaging. Also, TxtDrop.net gives users greater control over their text messages, allowing the selection of the recipients cell phone carrier, in case the number has been ported from one carrier to another. This feature helps alleviate issues associated with Local Number Portability.

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