All memberships have been cancelled. Thank you to everyone who hung in there and helped us out while we sought legal help.

Unfortunately, it looks like we will not be coming back anytime soon. To be compliant with the new laws, we would have make personal information public, which could potentially put our wonderful models at risk, which we will not do. Until the law is challenged or changed to include an 'opt-in' function where one can register directly with the government as opposed to openly broadcasting the name and address of the 'Custodian of Records', we will not be back. Hopefully some sense will come back to our elected leaders someday and we can get back to entertaining you with our own brand of bondage fun.

We'd like to thank everyone who's helped us over the years - anyone who's ever bought a membership to the site, the handful of outside photographers who submitted great pictures for us, and especially all of the awesome and sexy models who really made TS what it was.

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Ken Morrow II
Westmoreland NY
US 13490

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