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16 Stone Hill Rd
Oswego IL 60543 US
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Truxes Company Founders

Bill Truxes epitomizes a true American patriot. As a young, idealistic man of 24 years old, Bill joined the Army Air Corps and became a B-24 (Liberator) bomber pilot. While serving in World War II, he was shot down during the Battle of the Bulge and became a POW in Germany in 1944. He was liberated at the end of the war.

With his beliefs and ideals intact he returned to Nebraska. He and Mildred, his devoted wife, started their family of six children, two boys and four girls. Supporting the family, Bill worked at Swift & Company for over 30 years rising to a Vice President in Chicago. After his retirement in 1975 he and Mildred founded the Truxes Company.

Since then the company has grown and changed, with all six children playing a part at one time or another. To this day, Bill maintains his involvement with the company and continues to apply those same ideals that have guided his life to the business—which has made it the success it is today.

Truxes Company Capabilities

The Truxes braille and ADA elevator signs that we manufacture are specifically designed for the visually impaired. We have a commitment to quality and take great pride in the first rate service we give our customers.

At Truxes, there are no minimum orders. Samples are available on request. We have an extensive inventory of catalog items on hand for immediate delivery. With our experienced staff and our technological advancements we can also help you with all your custom sign needs. If you don’t find your sign in this catalog we can design one for you! Samples are always available upon request.

Truxes Company Custom ADA Signage

Embossed ADA Metal Signage Truxes uses the same quality standards in making general ADA signage as we do for our elevator signs. The signs are made from quality Stainless Steel and other alloys that make the signs nearly indestructible – including an extended life span and resistance to vandalism.

Reverse Etch ADA signs Computer design allows us the freedom to design exactly what your customers want with the quality of a solid stainless sign. Special attention is given to letters and Braille which proves to be an integral part of the sign. These signs are created from a solid one-piece construction, making the “reverse etch” ADA signs nearly indestructible – which provides a lasting beauty and endurance in all environments.

Polymer ADA signage Truxes can design a photo polymer sign for you or work from your cad files. Utilizing Novacryl polymer along with Mathews computer paint matching system – your customers are assured they are getting the look they want.

Applied ADA Graphics with Raster Braille (cut and mount) Truxes uses state-of-the-art computer controlled machines to give you the applied graphic look your customers want. We use the industry standard materials and extruded frames in addition to raster Braille – providing quality signage at a reasonable cost.

Polycarbonate Embossed ADA Signs Truxes has developed a process of embossing polycarbonate material up to .030 thickness with the contrasting graphics subsurface you would expect. Our embossed Braille and graphics are crush resistant and have a velvet matte polycarbonate finish. These polycarbonate signs provide customers using plastic signs a competitive, yet higher quality, alternative.

Truxes Company Adhesives

Truxes Company has been manufacturing hot melt and waterbased adhesives since 1976. We also provide consulting and special formulating for unique applications. All of the formulas we produce are FDA grade and are manufactured here in Oswego, about fifty-five miles Southwest of Chicago.

We have adhesives for packaging, assembly and all areas of filter manufacturing, in which we specialize. We have hot melts for pleating, assembly, foaming and possible fire retardancy applications. We provide no-charge initial consulting and under most conditions will provide no-charge plant testing and evaluation.

We hope this site will provide you with some basic information on what we do, and why we produce our adhesives in brickette form. It will also make our Technical Information easily obtainable.

Everything provided on this site, to the best of our knowledge, is accurate. However, it is the purchaser’s/ site user’s responsibility to determine this accuracy, and the suitability, if any, of our products in their application.

Truxes International Procurement

This independently owned and operated company provides procurement and product sourcing for export.

Geared primarily towards overseas process control markets, Truxes International Procurement specializes in process equipment, instrumentation, and consumables for the Power Generation, Chemical, Petrochemical, and Fine Chemicals Industries.

Contact: Truxes International Procurement P.O. Box 843 Oswego, IL 60543

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