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Description: This project is to develop ideas as well as a means of translating AboutUs pages into the various languages of its users and staff. Currently this is in development.


Business Reason: Various AboutUs pages can be found in their native languages which obstruct the staff and community in trying to make constructive, Suggestive and Efficient edits. Without an effective means to make edits to pages which use a language other then English, seems to Impede and Debilitate the underlying purpose of the The Wiki Way as well as promote isolation of these significant pages.

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TedErnst and I discussed the possibility/plausibility of translating current AboutUs Domain and Content pages or at least Helpful link pages to aid in making constructive edits. This all developed from Eohippus asking me if I could assist him in making some effective edits of a Arabic domain page,, here is an excerpt from our conversation on IRC.

TedErnst at one point had the idea of having a translation engine so if the page was English and you clicked the Italian button, a page in Italian would come back that you could edit. problem is the pages quickly get out of synch

He also brought up how Wikipedia translates its pages, (i.e. having seperate wikis for each language, each language has it's own community with it's own procedures)

Simon Koldyk explained to me, “We don't have enough of a community that knows the other languages” and that there are some pages that “are being edited” but those “members aren't part of our active members community.” Ted and Simon both brought up the fact that this is probably not a necessity at this point and as well wouldn’t be something that investors of AboutUs would be eager to currently fund.

Simon also broke down the numbers regarding members and visitors of AboutUs which illustrate this point,

  • English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Chinese make 97% of Users.
  • 85% being English
  • 6% being Dutch and the second largest amount of Users.

Simon explained that “If we had a whole lot more ActiveMembers, then sure ‘this would be a possible application.’

As I said, this may be something more to explore in the future as the community grows and at least we will have some ideas as to how we could approach the problem.


  • Perhaps just adding a link of the page translated into english using some site of link in the Domain Box which is ‘usually’ located on the Right hand side of any domain page. This could be something to the effect of how translates pages, for example:
Just an idea to where a link could be established
Google's easy translation link

Here is the link to the original language page [1] and here is the link to the Google translation, Shamtel translated.

Asad Butt also Liked the idea of having “the help pages in different languages”

It is also important to add Simon’s notion to utilize the portals such as: Category:AboutUsPortal-fr

Obviously, this Project is more of a discussion in hopes that it would be applied sometime in the future when it is needed.. However, seeding it now may help when that time comes.. --DaughertyBw 16:15, 14 September 2007 (PDT)

Here is the experimental idea that I am currently working on. You can see the actual page at with the working translation link in hte domain box, when you click it, it will take you to the english version of the page.. I would really like to hear some feedback on this idea..
Experimental translation link
  • RayKing pointed out was identified as a foreign language site by the AboutUsBot. Leading to the possibility that we might automatically put up an English version link on all such pages.

Pages for bilingual sites

Please see for an example of a manually-created page for a bilingual (English/French) site, where the site name, description and categories appear in both languages. This didn't involve actual translation, but just identifying and copying the appropriate text from the website. --Eohippus 06:48, 18 September 2007 (PDT)

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