Chicago 2001 Press Release - Tracey's AOL Website skyrocketed in 1994-97 in popularity all over the world in cyberspace with only online marketing by the Netizens. She was the first known Internet model who opened a personal website and the first to open a personal fan club website in 1994. Plus one of the first Internet models who webmasters her own website in 1994. Because of the popularity, Tracey Walker's Web Site she opened up her club at in March 1997. ...within 2 months her web site exploded to become the most linked to and featured site and woman on the Internet around the world the top Netizen model on the net in 1997. The CYBER phenomenon of 1997/98. In 1998 She opened (personal site) and (booking site).

Tracey was the most linked and featured woman and model of the Internet in 1995 - 2001. Tracey was Winner of a score of modeling contests as well around the world. And has been ranked #1 Internet Supermodel 1996-2001 - The very first Internet Supermodel ever ( Photos from Tracey's online portfolio have graced (featured on) 30,000+ servers/websites since 1994. She has been linked by over 80,000 other websites worldwide since 1994 as well.

Update 2006 Personal: Retired International Supermodel and actress Tracey Walker is a 39 year old mother to a 19 year old who is in college. Now owns a national corporate spokesperson, spokesmodel agency that specializes instaffing in various modeling industry markets including tradeshow, convention, promotional and commercial in Chicago.


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