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ToonDoo is a unique way to get creative and expressive with comic strips. One can now create their own comic strips, share them with the rest of the world or insert them in their blogs with just a few clicks and drag-n-drops!
ToonDoo is a social networking platform that facilitates users to express themselves via comic strips. Thanks to its friendly interface and the wide range of supporting features. It is now possible to create comic strips, for even those who cannot draw but have innate interest and creativity.
Some unique features of ToonDoo include:
* 1800+ characters, props and backgrounds
* 1, 2 or 3-panel comic strips that can also be compiled into a Toonbook.
* Multiple languages support
* Pictures and photographs uploads 
* Characters, props and speech bubbles customization (like Resizing, Creating    
  Avatars , Changing colours)
* Embed options in blogs and websites
* Options to Share, mail and bookmark toons. 
The site also reviews the best toons created by the users, acknowledge their work and creativity by featuring them under various titles like editor’s picks, popular toons, featured dooer etc. The site also runs contests on various topics periodically.
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Additional Information

ToonDoo is a cool, comic-creating tool from Jambav, a fun site for kids. Jambav is devoted to creating a unique array of free and customizable online games of educational value for children of all abilities.

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