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Established in January 2002 in Puerto Rico, TicketPop.com's goal is to transform the purchasing of tickets into a fast and convenient process. Within years of establishing, Ticketpop.com has become one of the leading electronic ticketing processors in Puerto Rico with over 80,000 consumers. TicketPop.com offers tickets for movies and events, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through their website.

TicketPop.com - Purchase a ticket via phone

TicketPop.com also gives their customers the ability to purchase tickets via phone by calling 787-294-0001 or 1-866-994-0001. They also have a etwork of more than 70 distribution points in retail stores, Banco Popular branches, and movie theaters. You can pick up your tickets from any of the numerous automated self service ticket kiosks, ticket dispensing units and box office windows. TicketPop.com can also arrange a direct express mail service for sending you your tickets.

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Besides offering tickets for various events in Puerto Rico, TicketPop.com also information on events such as sports, concerts and movies etc. On the website itself, you can search for events, venues and calenders, sign up to receive email alerts for upcoming events, or find information about marketing your own event with TicketPop.com.


1500 Ponce de Leon Ave.
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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