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“The Opening Lotus” (TOL) is a sub-project of the HHRB Foundation , a registered Trust (E-3578-Pune) in India founded by Rabia, a renowned Grand Reiki Master & energy healer. We work towards spreading awareness of energy healing through Reiki because we believe that in today’s world energy healing is as essential as breathing consciously. For the same the Foundation is also undertaking the creation of an institute of energy healing in India. To participate in any of our projects, you can send us an email to or

TOL is a platform for and by individuals who recognize the value of a consciously led life. Through our work we sincerely want to strengthen the fact that all of us have the potential to understand and live life beyond definitions.

TOL was created to serve as a stimulating threshold to look beyond the obvious in life, to live beyond survival, to create a life brimming with our creative potential. Our work promotes the awakening of one’s self to realize the wonderful place we have in the scheme of this universe, to improve our lives continuously.

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