allows children to make a call to Santa to be recorded.

Invite your loved ones to "Tel Santa" their Holiday Wish List

TelSanta is an innovative new Christmas website. Users can sign up for a free voicemail box to have their kids (or friends, relatives or other "adults") leave holiday wish lists via a toll free number. The wish lists are then recorded and delivered right to your mailbox to be played on your computer, iPod or other listening device.

The process is relatively easy and fun.

1. Sign-up for a free wish list number and send out invites -- Users enter the names and email addresses of people they want to send personalized invitations to. You then enter your name and email address as well as any other names/emails for people the voicemail should be delivered to (grandparents or other friends/relatives). You should receive an email from to confirm you signed up within 5 minutes.
2. Invitees call the toll free number and "Tel Santa" their wish list -- The people you invited can call the toll free number included in their email invitation and enter your voicemail code. (Younger kids should probably get dialing help from their parents.) Callers will hear a greeting from Santa and can then tell him exactly what they'd like.
3. Receive the email -- Within a few minutes of the call, you'll receive an email with the message to Santa saved as a .wav file. Play it, forward it or save it for posterity.

It's that simple. The service is free and callers can call Santa as often as they like, adding to their wish list anytime they think of something new.


Additional Information uses the "Voicemail2myEmail" technology from to attach voicemail messages to emails as sound files. The service is provided free courtesy of


This is a fun service. I used it for my daughter and nephew. They had a blast and now my sister and I have the audio files of their wishlists saved forever.

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