TeHpAradox.com offers TV show and questionable legal movie downloads


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This is a real person view of the website : this website has potential as a community worth joining in the search of useful resources, but sadly lacks due to the immaturity and child like behavior of a little forum moderator. Please ! if I wanted to play in a sandpit I would go play chat. unfortunately the site owner/s manager has not seen fit to provide adequate contact means to inform them of such unprofessional conduct. For whatever reason this may be is irrelevant at the end of the day the reputation of the site as a whole and the vested interest of the sites owner/s managers is damaged. I recommend that anyone looking for resources to just keep looking, this site is not worth the effort. there are professional sites on the internet run as a business should run, this is a playschool room with nothing offer that one cant find in any other common chat room. Should the site owner/s manager be interested in knowing more I welcome you to contact me, or at least make yourself available for me to contact you. The fact that I cant and had to find this to let you know about the is a reflection of very poor quality. Just a site for kids when schools out.



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