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HELLO.... TDOT i am alot of difficulties with my password i changed it and then the next day i forgot it please help me get it baq and rember if u can email me tht would be great

thank you.. --MSZ_SW33TZ




Whois information is public, but in response to some people wanting to keep their contact information private, many domain name Registrars offer a "privacy" or "proxy" service to mask the domain name owner. This domain is most likely using a proxy service.


My name is Kurt Blackson and I am desperately seeking help. I am being harassed on the site Another member of this site has copy pasted my pics off my site/account and is using these my pictures to create a site with my pictures the member is using the face account with my pictures on to harass other members while pretending to be me. COuld you please help me in this issue as i will soon have to contact local authorities to help me. I have tried to contact tdw staff and have had no reply after repeated attempts to report the abuse.I thank you so much for taking the time in reading this note and any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Kurt, , 1-647-654-2726, Toronto,Ontario.Canada

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Lost Passwords

I love off tdw cause you meet new people, but until I had lost my password I can't seem to get it back by going to Lost Password on the website so if you can e-mail me back my password that would be greatly appreciated my username is x-So0Sexy-x
  • posted by Anonymous on Oct 25, 2006, 5:25 pm

Lost password

Please i have lost my password and when i click "lost password" they say that they sent me over the new password but they never do. And i have tried a million times. SO please i'd greatly appreciate it if you would be so kind to send it over to me. My username is Sexi_ma thanks so much..
  • posted by Anonymous on Feb 17, 2007, 6:24 pm


  I was wondering if you could also send my password to my email. Its been forever and they still havent sent it..username=madem0iselle

Anonymous -- March 14, 2007

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