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Already a leading innovator in the secondary domain name business, The Domain Name Aftermarket is your one-stop shop when the time comes to buy, sell or find a previously registered domain name. Additionally, The Domain Name Aftermarket can monitor any domain name for changes, and backorder that domain should it become available.

The Domain Name Aftermarket was started and is owned by Bob Parsons, the guy who helped pioneer low cost, high-performance software industry, and who now leads the #1 Overall Best Registrar, While The Domain Name Aftermarket is a new company, it is rooted in the Go Daddy tradition of providing affordable leading-edge domain name solutions for businesses and individuals.

The mission at The Domain Name Aftermarket is simple: to provide customers with a safe, secure marketplace to either bid on a domain name or post a domain for sale, and couple these opportunities with the highest level of customer service and support available.

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14455 North Hayden Rd, Suite 226
Scottsdale AZ 85260 US

+1 480 505 8800, Fax: +1 480 505 8844

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