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The People and Promise of TargetSafety

TargetSafety serves any size enterprise that is concerned about the consequences of a workplace incident. Our Internet-based risk management and loss prevention service substantially reduces loss claims and increases overall profitability. Unlike traditional loss prevention programs, TargetSafety's service creates accountability across the entire enterprise, results in a sustainable, effective loss management program, and is accessible all the time. Our service focuses on changing unsafe and unethical employee behavior through web safety training as well as organizational compliance with policies, standards and procedures through loss management tools.

Commitment to Customer Service

TargetSafety offers a risk management solution that could not be complete without the highest quality customer service. Our goal is to solve your organization's problems. We achieve this through attention to detail and by making sure we not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Employee safety and cost reduction are important factors in maintaining excellence in the workplace. We help with both through our dedication to providing the most effective risk analysis and loss management solutions at an affordable price. Our technology is designed to provide you maximum return on investment.

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