C# Application Database Code Generator for Visual Studio .NET


Notzingen, Germany, tangible engineering GmbH is a pioneer in model driven development and an early entrant to the emerging market for model-driven code generation tools. Founded by Tim Fischer, tangible engineering GmbH has over 10 years of experience in the most innovative software development projects. Our commitment is to enable customers to gain the full benefits of the model-driven development approach:

In particular we expect a model-driven approach and tool to generate a sound, high-quality, framework and business objects that can easily be extended and bound to the presentation layer. We do not expect an unrealistic 100% application generation. What we believe is that the real potential lies in integrating humans and generators to work together in an optimal and efficient way.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we have proven experience, knowledge and commitment with regard to the Microsoft Platform and technologies. In particular we share a common vision with Microsoft regarding the implementation of presentation layers through data-binding – as demonstrated in the next major platform release: WinFx.

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