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Transportes Aereos de Cabo Verde, S.A. (TACV) d/b/a Cabo Verde Airlines is the flag carrier of the Republic of Cape Verde. TACV is an entity established under the laws of Cape Verde as a public enterprise for the purpose of conducting domestic and international air transportation. A public enterprise such as TACV is the closest in Cape Verde equivalent of a United States corporation. TACV has throughout its history played a leading role in the transportation of its citizens as well as in the development of tourism in Cape Verde.

The story of commercial aviation in Cape Verde goes back to 1955 when a group of citizens decided to found the Cape Verde Aero Club (Aero Clube de Cabo Verde). With a staff of only three (3) people --- a Director, a pilot, and a trainee, the club aimed first in training new staff, and second, in testing different types of aircraft to determine which one would better adapt to the conditions of the archipelago. In 1955 a twin-engine bi-plane, a DeHavilland Rapid Dragon makes the first flight between the triangle, Praia/Sal/SiVicente/Praia. The increasing concern with transport of passengers and mail around the archipelago, pushes for trials of other types of aircraft. First a Tiger Moth; after a twin-engine nine-seater Dove, finally two Gruman Widgeons complete the club/flying school fleet. In 1958 the Aero Club is transformed into " Transportes Aereos de Cabo Verde". i.e. "Cabo Verde Air Transport - TACV". The main goal of the new formed airline was to secure transportation by air of people, mail and cargo around the archipelago of Cape Verde. Through years the airline business has evolved to encompass not only travelers, mail and cargo within, but people living abroad, specially immigrants and people of Caperdean descent living abroad in the diaspora around the world.

Today travel has risen to a point it is one of the country's biggest and fastest growing industries. TACV as the country's national carrier is one of the major contributors to the growth of the travel industry in Cape Verde. In 2004 TACV transported some 560,000 thousand passengers, 345,000 domestically around the Islands, 215,000 internationally. With a flight network covering destinations in Europe, Africa, North and South America, TACV is positioned to continue its leading role in the development of Cape Verde Islands.

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