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Who is Sonny Daniels

He is a veteran Insider of Pro Sports Betting For 30 Years and Running! Endorsed by Online Casino Player Magazine as the top sports handicapper, says USA today ! Sports Betting is their Business !

You aren't able to handicap pro sports for over 30 years unless you have an edge. For Tony ‘Sonny’ Daniels that edge is information. Information channeled from his behind-the-scenes contacts and backed by Sonny’s enduring “feel for the game.” In 1993 Sonny penned The Wise-Guy’s Bible, described as a “key book" in the classrooms at two major universities, UNLV and USC in the studies of Sports Handicapping, Sports Betting and Bookmaking. He also made a half-time network TV appearance during the 1993 Superbowl to discuss the mechanics of Superbowl wagers.

How he does it

Sonny’s plays are derived from a mixture of sources and handicapping methods which include but are not limited to:

  • Information from behind-the-scenes betting associates as well as an award-winning handicapping talent sustained over a lengthy, high-win percentage career.


  • Unanimous agreement among Sonny’s inner handicapping circle on a game’s muscle.
  • Discussion with pro and seasoned handicappers in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each game in order to vet out winners.
  • Validation of a winning game by betting associates.
  • Sonny will seek out valued betting associates throughout the country, authorities on particular teams who believe in a game and are backing up their expertise with potent wagers.

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Successful handicapping has a lot to do with research and analysis — being able to spot and scrutinize the decisive factors of a game, the ones that determine whether you’ve got a winner on your hands or not. Games with a unanimous ‘thumbs-up’ among trusted handicappers and bettors from Reno to Jamaica are screened by Sonny. Deductive reasoning and a ‘feel for the game’ are applied to chip away at the most solid games. It is at this point that even the strongest ‘pick’ has been discarded. At the end, with the most comprehensive and accurate pre game sports forecasting available — It’s The NFL Geek Daily Best Bets for NFL and College football picks..

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Membership Details

They offer three type of membership packages Daily, Monthly and Seasonal. Packages for Football (NFL Football - NCAA Football - MLB Baseball


$PENDING Includes:

  • Top Play, Regular Play and Opinion
  • 31 Days of The NFL Geek Award Winning Picks Online


$PENDING Includes:

  • Top Play, Regular Play and Opinion
  • Get Every NFL/College Football Selection-Includes Bowl Games NFL PlayOffs through SuperBowl


I’ve known Sonny Daniels as a high roller for more than 20 years. His honesty and integrity are equally matched with his uncanny ability to handicap sports into winner after winner after winner.

Spiro the Greek,
Owner, Olympic Sports Group

Sonny Daniels of the Boston area has published The Wise Guy’s Bible which should prove interesting to both aspiring bettors, bookmakers (and their lawyers), researchers, and perhaps fledgling law enforcement personnel who do not know the difference between legal and illegal gambling and who may need a one-volume text-book for a quick lesson. In 48 chunky chapters, Daniels covers an enormous amount of territory including chapters on the “economics” of bookmaking, sports services, setting up a 900 number service, and explaining the various bets including parlay cards, parlays, round robins, betting squares, totals, and teasers.If you have an interest in money laundering, the RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corruption Organization Act) statutes, state laws, or some fascinating material on how street bookmakers operate and the laws they try to circumvent, this one-volume source is sure to stay on your desk a long time.

Howard Schwartz,
The Gambler’s Book Club



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