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Build the movement

Whether in opposition to war, racism or privatisation, we have thrown ourselves into building the biggest mobilisations possible. The last few years have shown how the actions of ordinary people through strikes, protests and everyday resistance provide hope for transforming our world. We believe the greater this movement, the greater the chance of putting an end to the global dominance of capitalism and war.

Keep it broad

Long manifestos don’t win such struggles — practical unity does. We fight alongside anybody or any organisation that wants to build the movement. The anti-war movement has gained its strength from its unity and breadth. That’s why we fight to main the principles unity of all the coalitions and campaigns with which we are involved. We respect people with ideas that are different from ours. So, while we seek to persuade people of our revolutionary ideas, we resist moves to narrow the movement to those who are already part of the radical left.

Keep it radical

We believe the anti-war movement is stronger because of the anti-imperialism at its core. The movement for global justice is stronger for its anti-capitalism and stronger still when it links to working class resistance. We strive to be the anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist voice of the movements we build. We want to win fellow activists to these ideas. Millions of people are already drawing the connections between the war on Iraq, the occupation of Palestine, the bleeding dry of the global south, attacks on working people in Britain and the global rule of profit. We seek to deepen that process.

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