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The sunnyray website features spiritual teachings, articles and instructions. Our prime focus are various new age meditations, enlightenment techniques, as well as working with crystals, healing stones, and angels of the seven light rays. There is a section dealing with the energy centers - chakras and their balancing by using alternative health methods and crystal healing. The sunnyray website also features guest articles from different expert authors and a sprituality forum. This website is created in English and in Serbian (the home page). It is primarily devoted to the seven rays meditation techniques, and other methods of accelerated spiritual growth. We use metaphysical crystals and healing stones as tools for improving our energy field and general health. Our mission is to help people learn the basics of spiritual development and self growth, and to expand their consciousness beyond the limits of our material world. We are devoted to promoting natural health and alternative energy. We organize seminars and workshops on various alternative and metaphysical techniques, such as enlightenment methods, breathing techniques (pranic breathing) and rebirthing, crystal self-healing, spiritual visualization, and creative imagination.

Good shape of our physical body, physical, emotional and mental health, purified character, noble emotions, clear thoughts - that is the mission of our website. Our aim is to help you start attracting all that in your life. The developed intuition, spiritual vision, and enlightenment are not a distant possibility. All life forms are connected and it is only up to our awareness to see this magnificent unity.

The site accepts guest posting on spiritual, meditation, yoga, alternative energy, natural health and a number of other related subjects.

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